Monday, May 30, 2011


Note to self:

After around two years of playing tabletop games and wondering what else I could possibly blow my money on next, I slowly neglected the tabletop gaming blog I had begun, parallel to my growing dislike of the hobby itself and its local metagame, shifting it lower in my pastime priorities. Unwilling to waste more time than necessary on writing about things countless others have written beforehand, on something that would make personal experiences look presumptious, I have decided on writing solely on experiences and projects of mine here, to archive them for further use, making it no longer unfitting to write about my ordeals, since the latter would be the de facto content. A note to myself, so to speak. A note with potential that I wish not to spoil yet, or fantasize about excessively, before I have any material to back it up with.

Primarily, experiences, but perhaps slowly but surely, artistic projects of various kind, perhaps to function as a portfolio of skills and projects in the future.

I give not a single damn about followers, and wish not to be excessively bothered by idiotic commentary that wouldn't be enriching to the overall content itself. Ergo, This is mainly written "to whom it concerns" and not "for everybody".

Now please be quiet, allow me to work my imagination.